About Us

allow us to first tell you why tara eco was founded

passion for the Environment

All Environmental Solutions (A.E.S), now operating under the name Tara Eco Supplies was founded in 2007 by Mr. Ewald Biemans, Aruba’s well known environmentalist and hotelier. Mr. Ewald Biemans is a pioneer of the green movement in the Caribbean and is known throughout the hospitality industry for his grassroots efforts promoting sustainable tourism. Environmental preservation is a longstanding passion he carries. In addition, he founded Tara Eco Supplies to help him create awareness among others in learning how to transition into sustainability. Since its inception, Tara Eco has been supplying various hotels and restaurants, including its own sister companies Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort Aruba and Elements Restaurant, with premium, high quality foods and products. 

what can we do for you?

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Tara Eco provides an expansive selection of solutions for hotel and restaurant supply purchasing. We provide a variety of high quality, brand-name products from top-rated manufacturers for hospitality organizations to make guests feel comfortable during their stay. We are able to source any type of hospitality product needed.

Environmental & Sustainable Products

Not only does Tara Eco have longstanding experience and expertise on the subject of sustainability, but we offer and are able to import a wide range of sustainable and environmentally friendly products. We are searching for and are working hand in hand with internationally well-known suppliers who are as committed as we to sustainable developments products. We enable eco suppliers to remain in the forefront by offering their environmental friendly commodity products.