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Allow us first to tell you about WHY our company was founded.

All Environmental Solutions (A.E.S), now operating under the name Tara Eco Supplies was founded in 2012 by Mr. Ewald Biemans, Aruba’s well known environmentalist and hotelier. Mr. Ewald Biemans is a pioneer of the green movement in the Caribbean and has become known throughout the hospitality industry for his grassroots efforts promoting sustainable tourism. Environmental preservation is a longstanding passion he carries. In addition, he founded Tara Eco Supplies to help him create awareness among others in how to make a change towards sustainability.

We are growing by the second! 

With a smart and dynamic team, we at Tara Eco Supplies are constantly in search of products that are superior for environment . It hasn’t been easy to find suppliers who are as committed as we are to sustainable developments.  We currently distribute Gluten Free products like Muffin, Bread, Cookies, Hotdog-Sausage, pizza crust etc… including recycled paper tissues and environmental friendly F&B servcie items. We invite you to visit our product page for detailed information regarding the brands and products we offer.

What we stand for

Our nature and people’s health goes hand in hand. That is why we stand for prevention and health promotion. We always try to educate ourselves and the community in making better choices when it comes to food and beverages. We also help the community to become part of the sustainable developments initiated in Aruba. It is a custom for us to participate during environmental friendly projects and seminars. Currently we import and distribute award winning and health certified products that are internationally well-known.

Environmentally friendly products from environmentally responsible companies

We are searching for and are working hand in hand with internationally well-known suppliers who are as committed as we to sustainable developments products. We enable these suppliers to remain in the forefront by offering their environmental friendly commodity products.

About compostables

Our mission is to provide sustainable products for a better world. The watchwords of sustainability – reduce, reuse, recycle – direct us towards our ultimate goal of a zero waste economy. In the meantime, in an economy that does produce waste, Tara Eco Supplies disposable foodservice products are designed to transform waste into healthy, new soil through composting.

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