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Our nature and people’s health go hand in hand. That is why we stand for prevention and health promotion. We always try to educate ourselves and the community in making better choices when it comes to food and beverages. 


We also help the community to become part of the sustainable developments initiated in Aruba. It is a custom for us to participate in environmentally friendly projects and seminars. Currently, we import and distribute award-winning and health certified products that are internationally well-known.


Environmentally friendly products from environmentally responsible companies


We are searching for and are working hand-in-hand with local and internationally well-known suppliers who are as committed to sustainable developments and health-conscious food & beverages as we are. We enable these suppliers to remain at the forefront by offering their environmentally friendly commodity products, including healthy food & beverages, to our local market.


All Environmental Solutions (A.E.S), now operating under the name Tara Eco Supplies, was founded in 2007 by Mr. Ewald Biemans, Aruba’s well-known environmentalist and hotelier. Environmental preservation is a longstanding passion he carries, and he has become a pioneer of the Caribbean’s green movement. He is known throughout the hospitality industry for his grassroots efforts in promoting sustainable tourism. His resort, Bucuti & Tara, is the first and only resort in the Caribbean that has been Certified CarbonNeutral® and has many other eco-certifications, such as ISO 14001, Green Globe Platinum, Travelife Gold & LEED Gold. 


He founded Tara Eco Supplies to help him create awareness among others about the dangers of global warming, which will undoubtedly and disproportionately affect the Caribbean. After all, small coastal communities with ocean-dependent economies fraught with inadequate waste management systems are far more vulnerable to the impacts of plastic waste than their larger, more industrialized counterparts. Since its inception, Tara Eco Supplies has been the market leader in supplying all small and major hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, and many other businesses on the island with eco-friendly products. 

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As industry leaders in sustainably sourced products, you can trust that we will supply you with the best brands. We are currently in the process of acquiring new business partners.

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