Bragg organic apple cider vinegar 32oz

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Many foods, including grapes, oranges, maple syrup, honey and even beer can be used to produce vinegars; all of which have their own unique flavors. Apple cider vinegar is made in a two-step fermentation process to convert apple juice into vinegar. First, the apples must be crushed and juiced. Then, naturally occurring yeast converts the sugars in the juice to alcohol. This is called “fermentation” and is the same process for making wine or beer. Lastly, a second fermentation occurs, where acetic bacteria converts the alcohol into acetic acid, creating what is known as apple cider vinegar. The compounds in apples give apple cider vinegar a sweet and crisp flavor, and the acetic acid provides sour notes. 

Better Life Benefits:

The acetic acid content of apple cider vinegar has been shown to elicit several beneficial health effects. 750mg of Acetic Acid* per serving – equivalent to one tablespoon of unflavored apple cider vinegar -- has been found to: 

  • Help control appetite and manage weight gain 
  • Help maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  • Help maintain healthy cholesterol levels

Avaliable for a case of 12 bottles

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