Royal Chef Secret Extra Long Sela Basmati Rice, 20 Pound

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If you are looking for a food made from premium, sourced ingredients, then Extra Long Basmati Rice can fit that bill. Easy to prepare for your friends and family, it can be added to a range of meals for texture and flavor. The Royal Chef Basmati Rice comes in a 20-pound bag, bringing you an ample supply of the grains you enjoy. Good for meals or even desserts, it brings a taste of the Orient right to your table. Longer than many other brands, it can bring more volume to a dish to help fill you up and keep you satisfied. It comes in a rugged bag to make carrying it simple and storage a snap.

Royal Chef Secret Extra Long Sela Basmati Rice, 20 Pound:

  • Family-owned for three generations
  • Sela Basmati Rice celebrates culinary traditions and the taste of adventure
  • Exciting, bold flavors from around the world.
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