Tetsjin Miso paste red (Aka) – Bag of 2.2lb

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  • QUALITY: Finding a good basic miso is hard to come by and Tetsujin has been creating quality ingredients for years now for your cooking and you’ll enjoy your miso just the same. In our 35oz package you’ll always have that stash in your fridge when needed
  • MULTI USE: Miso is a fermented product, Shiro miso has a sweet and light taste to add a cloud of flavor when mixed into your broth, depth to your marinade and twang to your salad dressings. Use on fish, meat, broth, stir fry and miso eggplant.
  • FLAVOR profile: Tetsujin white shiro miso goes through an aging process of 3 months, this leaves you with a young, sweet umami punch of flavor that will satisfy that “5th” sense which umami can bring.
  • Ingredients: Water, Organic Soybean, Organic Rice, Salt. (Fermented for 3 months) USDA Certified Organic, Kosher certified by the OU, Vegan, Non GMO, PBA FREE, ECO Certified, No Added MSG, No Alcohol, No preservatives, No Sweetener.
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee – At WB Home Co. Our goal is to have you satisfied with your purchase or received a leaking bag, or if for whatever reason you are not happy send us a message with your order # and we will give you a full refund or send a replacement unit at no cost to you.
  • Case of 10 bags available
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